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Camping La Paz Cat.1

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Campér for €20,- per nat på Camping La Paz i lavsæsonen med CampingCard ACSI. Camping La Paz, beliggende i Llanes (Asturien), er en campingplads med 432 åbne pladser. Med CampingCard ACSI camperer du på en af de åbne pladser i følgende perioder: 03-04-2020 - 20-06-2020 og 01-09-2020 - 12-10-2020.

Terrassecampingplads med en smuk havudsigt. Picos de Europa (30 min.). En terrænvogn bringer campingvognene hen til pladserne. Ikke megen skygge på delen ved havet. Nyd den pragtfulde solnedgang fra restauranten. Skøn bred sandstrand på grund af stor forskel mellem ebbe og flod. Smukke, renoverede sanitære faciliteter.

CampingCard ACSI rabat 03-04-2020 ⭤ 20/06/2020, 01-09-2020 ⭤ 12/10/2020
  • 20
  • 3000
Detaljeret information over campingpladsen

Godkendelses periode

april 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
maj 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
juni 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
juli 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
august 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
september 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
oktober 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
november 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
december 2020
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.

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Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: 7,6

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Bad og toilet
Mad og drikke

James Duffell, på denne campingplads i oktober 2019


Rejseselskab: Par

One of the most unusual sites you’re ever likely to experience. Terraces have been cut into the cliff face overlooking the sea. At first it’s difficult to work out how to get to most of the pitches until you realise they’re just for tents with only pedestrian access. There are plenty of pitches for camper vans and caravans, but it’s a bit of a puzzle to work out how to get to some of them. Caravans are towed from reception with the site 4x4 with good reason - the access road is the steepest I’ve ever seen and it’s difficult enough in a camper van without towing anything.
There’s a bar/restaurant on the promontory overlooking the sea with spectacular views.
Access to the two beaches is by a steep path, but the views are wonderful.
The toilet/shower block is large. The toilets have swinging saloon doors but are clean. The showers are for those with quick reactions. A button controls the hot water and it’s cooled by a tap. Every time the hot water cuts off the shower turns icy cold until you press the hot water button again.
Would we return? Yes.

Alun Thomas, på denne campingplads i september 2019


Rejseselskab: Par

It hard to describe my feelings about this campsite!
I was prepared for steep hills etc as per other reviews but what faced us when we arrived at reception was nothing that I had imagined! I have a 7 m Fiat ducato van and after much debate I ventured up this road with two hairpin bends! Yes the good old Ducato did do its wheel spin on the way up!!There was a land rover waiting when we reached the flat and he said he would take us to a pitch. The pitch he gave us would only take a 6m van at the most and there was at least a 9” stepdown to the pitch kerbside from the roadway! I thought no way. Asked for another and again the pitch was too small to accommodate a 7 meter van
At this point we decided to leave as this was not a site for us!

James Gordon, på denne campingplads i juni 2019


Rejseselskab: Par

Beautifully situated campsite with grass pitches overlooking a striking bay. Stunning view from the bar. Toilet block refurbished to a high standard.
Just the basics in the shop some might find the steep climb to the bar and toliet facilities daunting but this is more than compensated by the situation.
A special mention to the couple running reception. We had a problem with our van and they took an hour out of their day to help us.
We shall return

Lesley Wand, på denne campingplads i maj 2019


Rejseselskab: Par

The views are amazing, overlooking the sea, we arrived early May and they were still preparing for the summer. The shop wasn’t open. The restaurant was pleasant and the food good. Would go back again.

Kevin Clark, på denne campingplads i maj 2019


Rejseselskab: Par

Wow what a lovely spot if you like sea views. The hill to get to the camping grounds is pretty daunting but worth it. Showers are a bit strange the switch on the wall starts the water flow the knob on the wall only controls the temperature so be ready. Restaurant has great views and the food was pretty good too. Access to the beach quite steep but good clean sand and rock pools depending on the tide. The camping grounds are terraced plenty of room for our 4 tonne 7.5 m motorhome and lots of little ledges great for small tents.

Julie, på denne campingplads i juni 2018


Rejseselskab: Par

Excellent campsite, beautiful surroundings overlooking the bay, steep walk up from the beach. Restaurant overlooks the sea with good food. Fully recommend.

Lea Clifford, på denne campingplads i marts 2016


Rejseselskab: Par

Stayed one night after quite a lot of rain so all pitches very waterlogged and could not park motor home on them. Very tight for a small Moho and eventually parked in carpark, luckily our electric lead is quite long so managed to get hooked up. Wonderful views and beach but wouldn't attempt again as very steep and narrow. Didn't find staff particularly helpful but free wifi in bar.

Michael and Sandra, på denne campingplads i oktober 2015


Rejseselskab: Senior(par)

The entrance road is almost loose shaled concrete where the top surface acts like gravel and contributes to wheel spin. Given the pitch of the slope on the short straights, about 45degrees<> and steeper on the tight turns and the looseness under wheel we perhaps should been towed up by the Range Rover service, of which there are 2. But being in a decisive mood I drove much to the surprise of Fran on Reception, I tow with our VW Caddy Maxi, pulling an Eriba 552 Troll. I will add this road to my list of a number of other roads, U.K. Included, where I should have spent a little more time thinking about whether to do it or not. But at the top the ascent was worth it, the car coped and all was well when we were pitched, spanning 2 pitches with a great full frontal view in a rare location. I am planning on the descent being easier.

Walter Burrow, på denne campingplads i september 2015


Rejseselskab: Par

This site has fantastic views which far outweigh the average toilet facilities. There are some beautiful villages within cycling/ walking distance. The staff are helpful and the site is patrolled constantly. We saw people who had problems reaching the electric points with their leads and were provided with longer leads FOC. We will defiantly return.


Almene oplysninger

03-04-2020 til 12-10-2020
10 ha
Antal turpladser
432 (40 - 90m2)

* De faciliteter, der er skrevet med fed, er ikke inkluderet i overnatningsprisen. For disse skal der betales ekstra. (Dette betyder dog ikke, at de faciliteter, der ikke er skrevet med fed, er gratis!)

** The opening period may vary due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus.

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    • Maks. antal:2
  • Svømning i havet muligt (max. 0,5 km)
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    • Type:4G
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  • Restaurant med begrænset udvalg
  • Restaurant (med varieret menukort)
  • Bar
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  • Bokse
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  • Sandstrand
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Sport og spil
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Vejret på denne campingplads

Gennemsnitlig temperatur


Relativ fugtighed Nedbør (mm) Soltimer
Jan. 72% 104 3
Feb. 79% 80 4
Mar. 80% 79 5
Apr. 78% 98 5
Maj 83% 69 6
Jun. 80% 56 7
Jul. 84% 46 7
Aug. 83% 78 6
Sep. 81% 90 6
Okt. 78% 127 5
Nov. 76% 133 3
Dec. 72% 134 3



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Nedbør 50% 10% 25% 65% 70% 65% 70%
Vindretning NO N NO N NO NO N
Vindkraft 2 2 2 2 2 2 3


  • Camping La Paz
    Playa de Vidiago
    33597 / Llanes/Vidiago
  • Download GPS-koordinater Vælg dit navigationssystem:
    • TomTom (ov2)
    • Garmin (gpx)
    • CSV
  • Google routeplanner
    43°23'58"N 4°39'10"W
  • Motorvej A8 frakørsel 285, fra Ovieda i rundkørslen mod N634 Unguera, 2. rundkørsel Playa de Vidiago fra Santander, frakørsel Playa de Vidiago.



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Camping La Paz Cat.1

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